Day 2 of Everyman 3-SPAMAYL

So I’m on day 2 of Everyman, having slept 4.5 hours last night in 5 hours in bed, just because I wanted to. The idea is exciting enough to get me up in the morning, something I was worried about. Yesterday was basically a siesta day, with a 7.5 hour core and naps the rest of the day. Even wit that small change, I had so much fucking time to do stuff yesterday! It was awesome. I took 4 naps just to get the feeling of napping. It was interesting how it kept me fresh and it gave me the courage to take the 4.5 hour plunge. I plan to do “Everyman 3-ish”, sleeping 4.5 hours per night but taking 3-4 naps at first to ease the transition in a SPAMAYL-esque fashion.
This morning I feel a bit groggy but alert. I drank a 5-hour energy drink — is that a mistake? How should I approach caffeine?

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