Polyphasic experiment halted — free running sleep engaged

I have stopped experimenting with polyphasic sleep for now.  It seems too extreme and messing with something as basic as sleep in the way that these people do is something that’s not a good plan right now.  However, I’m now going off of something closer to free running sleep, which is basically just going to sleep when I’m sleepy and getting up as soon as my eyes open.  I got the idea from this website.  The idea is to realize that your sleepiness is governed by two well-known processes:  circadian rhythm, and homeostatic sleep pressure.  I no longer use an alarm clock.  I’ve been doing this for about 5 days.  My Zeo sleep number has shot up from the low 80s to the 90s and I do not feel sleepy in the afternoons.  

I’m also using caffeine daily, two to three shots a day of Red Rain energy drinks, which you can get at a bargain price at Amazon.com.   These are amazing.  I don’t like coffee — it just makes me feel bad.  But these little drinks really pep me up.  


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