Time to pack up and leave! Escrow is closing

OK, this is the moment I’ve been planning for, and it is nearly on my doorstep.  Today I have to start putting the last of my things into boxes and preparing for the Big Move Out.

There are so still several little details I’m clinging to, like my little box labeled “Actor” that contained my calipers and tape measure, that I used each week for checking my body fat.  The box was a gift from my brother years ago for Christmas.  There are many memories there.  But there is no place for that little box in my life any more.  I’ll put it in a box with other things and hand it off to my brother Bob for his use or safekeeping until I return to America, which I’m not actually planning on doing.

Well, when I’m done, this house will no longer be mine, so it’s all going one way or the other.  Onward!


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