Great example of politically correct feminism

I just ran across an article called “If it Ain’t Woke, Don’t Fuck It” by Megan Ford.  It seems to be a great example of what’s wrong with left-wing thought in some corners of America.  The article focuses on style and advocates for PC speech standards. The author claims that a good way to push women’s rights forward is to withhold sex from men in order to manipulate them into saying what she wants. Wow, that’s so insightful.  What a powerful statement and tool for change!

Meanwhile powerful “successful role model” women in corporate suits like Hillary Clinton continue to advocate for bombing brown babies and increased surveillance to protect us from terrorism, and for trickle-down style tax breaks for the wealthy in order to “create jobs.” But I’m a sexist if I criticize her, because I don’t have a vagina so I am not allowed to comment on people who do.

And meanwhile, the real misogyny is happening in countries where women have to wear burkhas by law and aren’t allowed to go to libraries without their husband or another “guardian” present. But it’s racist to call that out, right, even though Islam is not a race? Especially because I’m white, and my privilege makes me completely unable to understand the unique plights of wealthy minority kids attending exclusive universities.

It’s true that I’m a white male.  If your argument against mine includes my race and gender as an argument, then consider that you might just be a racist sexist bigot yourself.