Dr. Wahl’s diet

I have gradually moved to a modification of Dr. Wahl’s diet. I learned how to steam vegetables in a microwave, so I could add fruits, green vegetables, colorful vegetables like bell peppers, and “sulfur veggies” (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts, asparagus), to my 4-Hour Body diet of peas, beans, tilapia and butter. I can now very quickly and easily prepare very healthy meals in a short time. I am not a cook at all, I like to minimize cooking time, but switching to this diet was worth spending a day learning how to cook better. I now use a Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer I bought on Amazon.com. I am losing weight effortlessly on this diet. I still stray and eat junk food, but something about the high quality of this diet makes me able to eat far less calories and even reduces my binge episodes.

I was doing 4-Hour Body diet, but the binging on Saturdays was a destructive habit and I have given that up. I now allow myself to eat whatever I want but keep to the core diet I described above and it is awesome! Finally a diet that works!

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